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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Air Blast TNT Equivalency for Rolls of Paper Toy Caps

K. R. Mniszewski [FX Engineering, Inc., Hinsdale, IL, USA]
and K. L. Kosanke [PyroLabs, Inc. Whitewater, CO, USA]

Abstract: A study of the explosive output of rolls of paper toy caps, in variously sized assemblages, was conducted. The testing has shown that toy cap rolls are clearly capable of producing a powerful explosive effect if initiated with a sufficiently energetic event. TNT equivalencies based on toy cap composition mass ranged from approximately 10 to 80% for different sized configurations, with the largest equivalences being produced by the largest assemblages of toy caps tested. The results of this study are disturbing, considering that the toy caps (even in bulk packaging) have a UN classification of 1.4S, which by definition should not produce significant blast or fireball effects when initiated. Thus perhaps it is appropriate to consider whether the UN test protocol is adequate for this product.

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Cap Powder Volitility


Originally Posted by Chris The Great
Also, modern 8 shot caps are a mix of potassium chlorate and red phosphorus. THAT will set off your dynamite, although it's fairly hard to get the stuff out since they are tiny and have sand in them.

When you state that caps would need to be used in larger quantities than bp to detonate the dynamite, I am not sure you understand the power of the child's toy caps. Empty the powder from about 70 caps(the type that come in red plastic 8-shot rings).

This cost's about 69 cents around my house. This is relatively simple and quick once you get the hang of it.

Put the powder in a gell cap(a vitamin capsule, like for activated charcoal), with a small ball-bearing on one or both ends, inside the capsule as well. If you do not have ball-bearings, you can use BB's, or even small stones. Tape it clased, and throw it, it will make a loud bang.

It looks like this, cap powder in the center, and tape holding the two sides of the capsule together.


An equal amount of homemade black powder or even store-bought reload cannot make a bang sound so loosely confined, in such small quantities. Cap powder is powerful, and could undoubtedly be incredibly useful in homemade detonators. I will attempt one such detonator and post the results.


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